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Fuel Maintenance Consultation

An effective methodology to first detect contaminants and determine their potential for causing failures.

Sampling & Testing

Get samples from the bottom of your tank – tested for sediment & growth then treatment to purify your fuel.

Fuel Purification

Eliminate fuel waste due to water, sediment and micro-organisms contaminating your fuel.


Filtration for Gas, for underground storage to remove water, and for gas boats or for disposal for boats.

Biocide & Treating

Fuel micro biocide certified by the Coast Guard and approved for various uses.

Fuel Transfer & Storage

Fuel transfers during temporary fuel storage with purification during transfer to new tanks.

High Quality Fuel Management for over 35 years

Consultation – Sampling/Testing – Purification – Filtration

Diesel Fuel Management Services

Fuel Consulting


Fuel Consulting




Diesel-Clean® Services 

Introducing time tested, military proven mechanical separation technology on a small scale.

Receive the same high quality fuel cleaning capability offered in our processing trucks.

There are no more reasons to replace your contaminated fuel, CLEAN IT, no matter how small the quantity.

Keep storage tanks clean and emergency generators trouble free, ready when needed and it’s fuel clean!

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