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Diesel-Clean® Frequently Asked Questions


How do you clean fuel?

How do you know when it's clean?

How long will it take to clean?

How often does it need to be cleaned?

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How do you clean the fuel?

Our continuous closed loop process will suck fuel from the bottom of your tank, be processed through a high speed mechanical separation to remove bottom water and sediment from the fuel. The fuel will be return preferably to the opposite end of your tank if access permits. This will flush the clean fuel through your tank until contaminants are removed.

Do you remove the fuel offsite to clean it?

The fuel is cleaned at the customer’s location with our portable mechanical separation process. We will dispose of all water and solids removed unless requested otherwise by customer. (In extreme conditions, excess water may require additional charge for disposal)

How do you know when it is clean?

We provide pre and post fuel testing for bottom water and sediment, and filterability as part of our service to keep for your records.

How long will it take to clean?

Fuel is processed in gallons per minute, factors involved depending on how much fuel there is to process and how contaminated it is, and setup and teardown time. Typically 4 to 8 hours per job.

How often does it need cleaned?

Critical fuel storage systems and marine service may request annual or even semi annual treatment and purification as a proactive solution to fuel problems. There are many factors that effect how often to purify, such as weather, temperature, location, system integrity, human error, and turn over to name a few. Testing is the best method to determine whether purification services are necessary.

Can I run my generator during the purification process?

In most cases, yes. Our system does not affect the fuel delivery system. If necessary we would suspend purification until power was restored.

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