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Diesel-Clean® Services 

Introducing time tested, military proven mechanical separation technology on a small scale.

Receive the same high quality fuel cleaning capability offered in our processing trucks.

There are no more reasons to replace your contaminated fuel, CLEAN IT, no matter how small the quantity.

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Services Provided

Contact Fuel Maintenance, Inc. with any questions or concerns you may have.

CONSULTATION:  We are here to help you with your Fuel Maintenance needs. If you have any questions or concerns please call us any time we strive to answer calls day or night. We provide free visual sample from the bottom of your tank to first time customer or upon request. We will contact you for approval before we do any work, and provide written quotes.

SAMPLING AND TESTING:  Our Operator will come to your location and pull a bottom sample from your tank, the sample will be sent to an independent lab. The Sample will be tested for bottom water and sediment, growth (Bacteria, Fungi, and mold), and metals. We then send you the results of the testing to you for your records, we also provide recommendations to treat and or purify your fuel as necessary.

BIOCIDE AND TREATING:  We treat using a Fuel Micro biocide that is Coast Guard Certified, and approved for use in Diesel, Jet Fuel, or Gas Storage Tanks, for Aircraft, marine, Standby power generators, construction, and farm use. Product is available for resale Please call for pricing. We treat during our Purification Process to kill Bacteria Fungi and mold. Additional Treating can be provided to reduced deterioration/ageing of fuel during fuel storage, to keep tanks and fuel systems cleaner longer.

PURIFICATION:  Our purification service includes biocide treatment, removal of bottom water and sediment using our mechanical separation process at your location, and pre and post test for bottom water and sediment, and filterability are mailed to you for your records.

FILTRATION:  Filtration for Gas, for Underground storage to remove water, and for gas boats or disposal for boats.

FUEL TRANSFER AND STORAGE:  Fuel transfers during construction and generators replacements, temporary fuel storage purification during transfer to new tanks.

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